Knowledge is power…especially when you are going through divorce

Patricia Barrett

Given the complexities of today's financial landscape, you will likely benefit from specialized advice designed to help you navigate the financial side of your divorce.*

As a key participant in your divorce, you will want to understand all financial aspects of your marital estate and have an informed voice in decisions made with regard to your settlement. Securing expertise from a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), Patricia Barrett, can be extremely valuable.

An experienced CDFA like Patricia will focus on helping spouses secure an equitable division of the marital assets in a divorce. This often involves making sure all marital assets are accounted for and valued appropriately, and that tax consequences of a settlement are thoroughly investigated and known before the settlement agreement is signed. A unique aspect of Patricia's services is to help clients understand through proprietary projection tables, how the settlement will work out 15-20 years from now. This is often a real eye-opener and can be a game changer.

* Did you know, most family law attorneys, even when experienced in divorce, are not trained to address financially complicated divorce issues?

"Choosing to have joy is not naively thinking everything will be easy. It is courageously believing that there is still hope, even when things get hard."


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