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Women's Issues for Divorce

    There are many issues that women need to be especially attentive to during a divorce. Many women are not familiar with their familiy’s finances and may not be well positioned to deal with financial matters on their own. Credit may be in the name of the husband, so a wife may be in a position where she has no credit rating in her own name. Bank accounts and the money in them may suddenly become inaccessible. Family income may have been provided solely by the husband and the wife may have been out of the job market for years, or never in it, and may not have curent skills or the ability to provide family support on her own.
    If children are involved, it is more common that primary responsibility for their care will reside with the wife. This raises many issues of financial responsibility as well as requirements for sharing decision-making authority about important health, education, and social issues.
    All these are very important matters, and professional assistance in addressing them can be critical to a suitable outcome. Read about the steps to take to prepare for divorce before going any futher. Patricia is qualified and experienced in helping with these things.


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