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Patricia Barrett CFP, CDFA


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I knew divorce would not be easy. I had heard the horror stories about fighting over money. My spouse and I did not want that drama and agreed to try cooperative divorce. What we received was individual attention that brought us to the table to calmly and practically discuss our own separate futures, as well as what to do in the best interest of our children. We had a fair, practical meeting, with reduced emotions, where both our interests were protected but settled. With minimal financial costs, managed emotions, and alleviated emotional stress, the word "cooperative" explains our experience perfectly.

ACS, 2014

I was in a divorce situation that was spiraling out of control, with attorney fees mounting and no end in sight. After meeting with Mrs. Barrett at Lifetime Planning for a mediated property settlement, I am happy to say that an agreement was reached that was fair to both parties. I highly recommend these services to anyone trying to divide property in any way.

HSB Jr, 2014 

I am so not a numbers person. It is like magic to me that you can make this nebulous morass come into focus and organized in a way that is clear to me and even makes sense. I was at sea, with only my attorney as a resource before you jumped in, knew what to do, and did it

JW, 2011

I just wanted to say thank you again for all your hard work in helping me through the mediation process. You were so very thorough and detailed in your financial analysis, and I really feel that you made a big difference in helping me get a better settlement. Best wishes to you always!

JW, 2010

Thank you SO much. Words cannot express my gratitude for your wisdom, shared with me. It is empowering. Knowledge is power. I believe God works in mysterious ways, even in times that are tough. You have been an answer to my prayers. 

DG, 2006

Thanks so much for coming to mediation and especially for your preparation. Your organization is impressive. I am so grateful that I found you! Everyone should have someone you when going through this process.

EC, 2008

Thank you for your expertise that supported my determination for equity. Thank you for your support and advice that kept me focused on my path. Thank you for your advice, encouragement and affirmation that gives me courage. Patricia, you are a Wise Woman. Much love —

RS, 2007 

Mrs Patricia Barrett is quite professional and thorough in her services; I highly recommend her from personal experience. Her fees are quite fair for the amount of time required to produce the appropriate documents. She is pleasant to work with and finished her work in a very timely manner.

John, 2006

After 36 years of marriage, I was faced with divorce and needed to work out a financial settlement and plan for my future. I felt overwhelmed. Patricia compiled for me a comprehensive plan for both the division of assets and the handling of those assets for the future. She is an able mediator and negotiator, and is compassionate as well as extremely capable. After working with Patricia, I felt confident that I had a lifetime plan that would work well for me. I don't know what I would have done without her help.

CM, 2005


Patricia Barrett CFP CDFA Mediator

Phone:  832-858-0099

Address: 10777 Westheimer Suite 1100 

Houston, TX 77042


We offer Financial Planning for Divorce Mediation in Houston TX & the surrounding areas:

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Patricia Barrett CFP CDFA
Phone:  832-858-0099
Address: 10777 Westheimer, Suite 1100, Houston, TX   77042 email: