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Summary of Divorce Support Services

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Patricia Barrett

Certified Financial Planner, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst,
Credentialed Mediator

Summary of Services

Having handled more than 500 cases, Patricia Barrett can provide expert financial assistance to divorcing individuals or couples, including:

  • Determining the optimum logical, tax-adjusted, and/or alimony-adjusted asset division.
  • Preparing exhibits presented to a judge during litigated cases.
  • Mediation services (co-mediating with family law attorney) for cooperative divorces.
  • Working collaboratively (trained in collaborative divorce principles at Collaborative Law institutes and conferences). 
  • Creating parenting plans and child-related budgets. 
  • Analyzing the capital gain tax liability of asset division. 
  • Establishing the value of a pension or other stream of payments.
  • Analyzing and valuing executive benefits such as stock options, restricted stock, or stock appreciation rights. 
  • Determining community and/or separate property in real estate, company benefits, and other assets.  
  • Line-by-line tracing of separate and community property financial accounts to establish clearly the separate property value. 
  • Calculating future cash flows based on budgeting, available assets, and sources of income to:

- Determine if the homestead, or other assets, should be retained.
- Assure that children’s needs are met.
- Determine need for return to the work force or to establish a retirement date.
- Assist in establishing a post-divorce standard of living. 
- Determine the need for or ability to pay alimony.

Long-term cash flow analysis

At a time when financial decisions can affect the rest of one’s life, reviewing future effects is crucial. The long-term cash flow analysis Patricia creates allows a client to make informed choices as he or she understands the long-term effect of various decisions. 

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Testimonial:  “After 36 years of marriage, I was faced with divorce and needed to work out a financial settlement and plan for my future. I felt overwhelmed. Patricia compiled for me a comprehensive plan for both the division of assets and the handling of those assets for the future. She is an able mediator and negotiator, and is compassionate, as well as extremely capable. After working with Patricia, I felt confident that I had a lifetime plan that would work well for me. I don’t know what I would have done without her help.”
— Carol


We offer Financial Planning for Divorce Mediation in Houston TX & the surrounding areas:

Phone: 832-858-0099


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