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Options Of Using Mediators For Divorce

When dissolving a marriage there are many options, and among them would be using mediators for divorce.  What do these types of professionals do?  They are trained professionals that act as a third party to help couples work through the aspects of the separation and dissolution of the marriage on mutual terms.  It basically comes down to working together to come to an agreement on the aspects of the dissolution of the marriage that are otherwise handled in court between two attorneys representing each of the spouses.  This is a way to personalize the end of the marriage with an agreement that serves the best interests of everyone involved. 

Mediators for divorce settlements are completely neutral third parties.  This means that they do not represent either side of the matter and they do not give out advice.  Rather, they help the two parties work through a negotiation of sorts in order to come to a mutual agreement about what is acceptable across the board during the dissolution of the marriage.  All matters can be settled in this manner.

Mediators for divorce will help couples decide the outcome for issues such as property division, stock and investment portfolios, retirement accounts, bank accounts, 401k and IRA accounts, trust funds, real estate, vehicles and any other assets including household goods. 

They also help the family arrive at a child custody and child support schedule that is acceptable to both sides.  This could involve one parent being the primary custodial parent, or it could mean shared or joint custody of any minor children.  All aspects of visitation of the children can also be decided upon in this type of setting.  While child support is normally set by Texas guidelines, joint custody can alter this, with altered payments negotiated.  Spousal support is also negotiated in this type of setting if this is something that is on the table.  Some dissolutions of marriage do not end up involving this type of support, but all cases are individual. 

Mediators for divorce can be used anytime there is a reasonable expectation that the parties can eventually reach a mutual agreement on all of the issues that need to be resolved in order for the marriage to be dissolved by final decree.

This type of resolution usually takes about a tenth of the time as a regular attorney assisted settlement in court.  It also costs about a fifth of the price of actually hiring an attorney and going through the typical type of dissolution of marriage.  Of course this price range varies depending on the complexity of their situation and number of mediations required. 

There are definitely benefits to hiring mediators for divorce settlement.  If it can be worked out between the couple then everyone walks away having had a voice and addressing their goals, and if their goals are considered, then there is likely to be fewer hard feelings.   This is important, especially for families that have children and must remain in contact afterward.

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