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How Lifetime Planning Can Help

Divorce Financial Analyst Patricia Barrett helps couples in Texas 
protect their financial futures 

With Patricia’s divorce assistance, you need not go through a divorce feeling alone and powerless. You need not face confusion concerning financial matters, especially during an emotionally charged period. Decisions made during the divorce settlement will affect you for the rest of your life.

She is your advocate, not only today, but also for the years to come

Click here to take a look at a sample chart Patricia set up to illustrate how assets might be divided to provide an appropriate settlement for a divorcing couple.

In the Summary of Divorce Support Services, you will find a comprehensive list of services provided to divorcing individuals and couples.

Since many different scenarios are possible for an individual, it is extremely helpful to have the services of a Divorce Financial Analyst who can calculate the future results of various options. When considering an “offer” from your spouse, wouldn’t it be better to analyze it from a long-term perspective?

Call or email Patricia for more information.

Phone:  832-858-0099


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