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Getting Started with Lifetime Planning


Contact Patricia Barrett in Houston for a free telephone consultation today. 

Phone: 832-858-0099

Free phone consultation will help clarify your direction 

If your marriage seems to be heading toward divorce, the first step is to call Patricia and take advantage of the free telephone consultation. It can help you clarify the path to take as you move forward. If you feel it would be helpful in your situation, make an appointment for a much more comprehensive consultation. For 1.5 to 2 hours, Patricia will learn about your situation, explain to you the various ways to get a divorce, and explain numerous details about divorce in Texas. 

Through this initial consultation, you will understand which type of divorce is appropriate for you (if you haven’t yet filed) and how to hold down legal expenses (even if you have filed). You may decide that you need someone like Patricia to work for you, to clarify confusing rules, help you avoid tax traps, and look at the effect of a settlement option on your future.  

After consulting with you to prioritize your goals and following the receipt of financial data (listed in the questionnaire), communications are mostly by email, clarifying any missing items or answering your questions.  If things get complicated, another appointment may be needed to thoroughly review the issues at stake and help you analyze the proper way to proceed. She will compile and organize assets and detail living expenses.

Calculating an equitable division of assets

With your goals in mind, she will calculate an equitable division of assets, estimate the tax effect of the divorce, and illustrate how your future can be secure. If you are already involved in a litigated divorce, you may be interested in seeing how a proposed settlement sizes up in her sophisticated Excel tables and how it affects your future. 

Your customized parenting plan

She provides a fill-in-the blank parenting plan to help you create your own parenting plan (as required by the courts). And, if parenting issues are a major factor, Patricia will work closely with a parenting coordinator to help you resolve those matters, too. Take advantage of the expertise available to you to smooth the road through the divorce process.

She will tailor financial planning for your retirement

If retirement is looming in the near future, it is especially important to take advantage of Patricia’s background in comprehensive financial planning, looking at budgets, Social Security, tax-efficient IRA distributions, and other essential components of retirement. She was formerly the manager of the financial planning department for a local trust company and has the skills and knowledge needed to help you make the best decisions.

She knows that the financial issues are only part of the problem. Divorce can be devastating, and emotional pain is something money will not cure. If the emotions are holding you back, ask Patricia for a referral to a mental health professional. She works closely with several. However, when finances are the crux of the matter, her expertise in divorce and customized financial scenarios can help you avoid unnecessary confusion and pressure. Get the help you need today.

The marriage may have ended, but the rest of your life is just beginning.



Long-term Planning & Divorce Assistance:

Establish and prioritize goals
- Develop budget for future years (realistic) 
Estimate income required afterdivorce
- Review long-range cash flow and its effect on net worth (spreadsheets)
- Evaluate proposed settlement
- Create new settlement proposal
- Estimate college and educational costs if appropriate
- Compare after-tax asset values 
- Analyze post-divorce insurance needs (medical, life, home)


We offer Financial Planning for Divorce Mediation in Houston TX & the surrounding areas:

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