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Divorce Planning

Divorce planning involves consideration of a wide range of issues including parenting and child custody (when children are involved), and often very complex financial matters. We provide expertise in identifying all the issues that need to be discussed and resolved between the parties in such a way that communication is enhanced and better decisions for all can be reached in the process.

We have created a number of articles addressing many of these topics and offer them for your consideration to assist you in preparing for the sometimes lengthy process of preparing for the divorce.

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    Divorce and the Holidays
    How to deal effectively with the added stress of preparing for a divorce during the holiday season
    Pension Lump Sum Versus Lifetime Annuity
    Weighing the benefits when deciding whether to take a pension as a lump sum or a lifetime annuity involves careful consideration and planning.
    Bankruptcy and Divorce
    Individuals considering both bankruptcy and divorce have additional planning issues to consider. Which should be done first? Can we arrange our asset division to protect assets following divorce? Which assets can be discharged and which must be paid? Can income taxes be discharged?
    Should You Buy a House Before the Divorce is Final?
    For the fortunate few who have the resources and can afford to buy a house before the divorce is final, careful thought should be given to the decision.
    Divorce with Children
    When you divorce with children in Texas, child support will be a primary area of concern, and the Guidelines set limits which you might need to exceed.
    QDROs – How ERISA Protects the Non-Employee
    Thanks to ERISA, no ex-spouse can prevent a lower-earning spouse from receiving her portion of the 401K or pension.
    QDRO Review to Avoid Costly Errors
    Once initial divorce negotiations are completed, a review of the qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) can prevent costly mistakes concerning your financial security.
    Medicaid, Divorce and Asset Protection
    For some individuals, use of Medicaid or Medicare can help protect assets during an extended illness.
    New Alimony Laws
    Texas new alimony laws change spousal maintenance and support standards. Read about the changes to see how they might affect you.
    Texas Divorce Alternatives for a Peaceful Divorce
    There are several different alternative approaches to divorce in Texas, including collaborative, mediated, and arbitrated. Learn the differences and advantages of each for a more peaceful divorce settlement.
    Choosing Divorce Financial Planners
    Divorce financial planners are there to make sure that all of the details are taken into account and taken care of for the family during their time of need.
    Til Debts Do Them Part
    When am I responsible for my spouse's debts when I had nothing to do with the charges?
    Guide to Good Divorce Seminar
    I’m giving a presentation for a unique new program and seminar series entitled, The Guide to Good Divorce. The program is designed to help women, mostly age 50-plus, transition successfully through the divorce process to a healthier, happier life.
    Transfer Of Property During Divorce
    Generally, property is transferred from one spouse to the other free of taxes when done because of divorce; but without considering tax ramifications, a 50/50 division could seem to be fair, when it isn’t. Be sure to work this out with a divorce financial planner to understand the long-term outcome....
    Divorce & Closely Held Businesses
    Divorce settlement is seriously complicated by the existence of a closely-held business. The business can be a professional practice (medical, dental, accounting, attorney, real estate brokerage) or a retail outlet (restaurant or shop,).
    Sources of Income During Divorce
    In a litigated divorce, one of the first orders of business is for the attorneys and clients to decide on “temporary orders.” They even have mediation sometimes just to decide how the parties will manage their financial and child issues during the pending divorce.
    Divorce and Taxes
    Taxes impact nearly every aspect of life, and divorce is no exception. Yet, many couples are so angry at each other during their divorce proceedings, they fail to recognize a common adversary…the IRS.
    How to Divorce The Right Way
    Avoid the legal arms race because it will hurt both of you. As you negotiate a settlement, every dollar of legal costs incurred likely means 50 cents out of your pocket. Trust me: There are cheaper ways to work through your anger.
    Divorce Financial Planning
    A Divorce Financial Analyst has the training and experience to guide you through the difficult financial decisions necessary in the divorce process.
    Divorce in Texas
    Synopsis of the divorce process in Texas; description of Texas divorce law and how to file for divorce in Texas.
    Valuation of a Closely Held Business in Divorce
    Valuable information for the spouse with a business as part of community property.
    Health Insurance and Divorce
    Summary of options concerning medical insurance for divorcing women
    Steps to Take to Prepare for Financial Divorce
    A list of helpful steps to take before the divorce proceedings begin. This also includes living arrangements during the divorce.
    Spousal and Child Support During Divorce
    Tips for dealing with your spouse and/or children during divorce or divorce mediation.
    Tax Considerations for Divorce
    This is a list of tax specifics that can save you thousands when going through a divorce. This list applies for both privately owned businesses and the divorcing parties themselves.
    Tips for Dealing With a QDRO
    A few specific details every professional should know about the QDRO and how it applies to children.
    Separate Interest Division
    This outlines the most desirable method for dividing ERISA retirement plans during divorce proceedings.
    Post-Divorce Allocation, Earnings, Appreciation & Contributions
    This is more information about the ERISA and specifics of how it can effect basic retirement plans during divorce.
    PWBA - Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration
    Here are the details of the PWBA and how it can effect your divorce, QDRO, and alternate payees.
    QDRO - One Document That Can Rule Your Life
    This contains detailed info on a QDRO form and what it can mean to divorcing couples. Domestic Relations law is spelled out in layman's terms.
    When Can a Couple Use One Lawyer?
    This is a listing of requirements for couples to use if they wish to use the same lawyer for their divorce.
    When to Keep Attorneys Out of Divorce?
    This is a brief overview of the situations in which you can do without a legal professional like a divorce lawyer, and also those times when you must have one.
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