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Collaborative Divorce in Texas

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Collaborative divorce works by way of a series of meetings between the two attorneys and divorcing parties. Each meeting has a specific agenda, along with rules for behavior.

Attorneys are trained to negotiate a divorce settlement without the use of litigation. They usually utilize mediation skills to smooth the process. Collaborative attorneys are required to resign if an amicable agreement between the parties cannot be reached and the couple chooses to go to court to settle.

Frequently, a divorce financial analyst is included as a neutral financial professional in order to work out the nitty-gritty of the monetary settlement. Patricia is trained in the methods of Collaborative Divorce, wherein she acts as a neutral financial professional to work with both spouses to divide assets and clarify the long-term effects of the division. With her training in mediation, she possesses effective communication skills to work in this delicate situation.

We offer Financial Planning for Divorce Mediation in Texas.

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